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Washington Confirms Second Coronavirus Death

Health delegates in Washington state stated late Sunday that a nursing home resident had passed away after suffering from coronavirus. At the same time, New York’s governor confirmed his state’s first case, as the virus moved out of its West Coast foothold.

Washington Confirms Second Coronavirus Death

The coronavirus, which originated in China in late 2019, has disrupted global markets as it rapidly spreads around the world. It appeared poised for a spike in the U.S., in part due to more testing to confirm cases.

Florida late Sunday stated a public health emergency as it confirmed its first two cases.

Trump management delegates worked Sunday to assuage nerves and calm fears that a global recession was lingering, arguing that the public and media had been over-reacting and saying that stocks would bounce back since the American economy was strong.

The total count of confirmed cases in the U.S. is over 75, with two reported deaths, both in Washington state. Around the world, there have been over 87,000 cases and almost 3,000 deaths in 60 nations, in accordance with the World Health Organization.

The Seattle and King County public health division confirmed late Sunday that a man in his 70s who was a resident of the LifeCare long-term care center in Kirkland and had coronavirus had passed away the day before.

On Saturday, the division had reported the first death of a coronavirus patient in the U.S. Six of the ten confirmed coronavirus cases in Washington state are residents or workers at LifeCare.

State delegates stated an additional 27 residents of the nursing home and 25 employees were showing signs of the virus, which can be similar to the common flu.

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