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The Space Agency Showing Off The New Spacesuit Designs For The Moon Mission

NASA astronauts can be strolling the moon in patriotic style. The space agency broadcast a demonstration of the latest spacesuit designs for the Artemis moon mission at a press conference, where NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine hosted a dramatic catwalk-style unveiling of the brand new suits.

The public event showed the two prototypes. The orange Orion Crew Survival suit is supposed to be worn during the launch and onboard of the Orion spacecraft. Bridenstine points out these spacesuits will match astronauts of all body types, a reference to NASA that had to scrub the first planned all-female spacewalk due to not having sufficient spacesuit sizes available on the ISS.

NASA revealed some details about the xEMU suits earlier, highlighting the maneuverability of the design and the advances made since the Apollo period.  The Apollo astronauts of the ’60s or ’70s fell over while out moonwalking. The brand new fits will permit astronauts to bend on the knees, elevate objects over their heads, and can rotate their arms.

A NASA spacesuit engineer wore the xEMU on stage with the suit underneath pressure. She showed her ability to reach across herself, wiggling her fingers, and squat down to select up a rock off the ground. Astronauts on the moon will anticipate spending as much as eight hours at a time carrying these fits exterior on the moon.

The orange survival fits will not see any lunar-surface duty. They’re designed to offer life assist for as much as six days in case of an emergency on the spacecraft. NASA is constructing the first Artemis spacesuits and intends to ship the completed suits by 2023. The space agency planning to hand off later spacesuit production to the industry.

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