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The Curiosity Rover Is Searching For A Life In The Universe

Mars is the one known planet in the universe, inhabited solely by robots. There’s InSight, the sturdy Robo-stethoscope listening for the Red Planet’s heartbeat there are Odyssey and the gang, a cadre of droids surveilling the planet from orbit. And then, climbing a lonely crater hundreds of miles away from its companions, there’s curiosity the last surviving rover on Mars.

In regards to the measurement of an SUV and able to touring 100 ft (30 meters) per hour, Curiosity has been exploring the 3.5-billion-yr-outdated pit referred to as  Gale Crater since touchdown there in 2012. Now, Curiosity is climbing the mountain, often known as Mount Sharp or Aeolis Mons, on the crater’s middle. In a bleak and exquisite photograph taken on the 2,573rd Martian day of Curiosity’s mission (Nov. 1), the rover confirmed off the vast vacancy of this rocky area. 

Within the new image, posted to NASA’s Mars mission website particles-strewn butte curves up towards the mountain’s facet whereas an infinite ridge of hazy rock looms within the background. That ridge is the rim of Gale Crater, fencing the rover in for about 50 miles (80 kilometers) in each route.

The photograph was retaken from Curiosity’s, displaying the awful horizon that the rover leaves behind because it begins its slow ascent from Mount Sharp’s base. It is a single scene, to make sure, but Curiosity is looking for new associates regularly; one of many rover’s main objectives is finding proof that Mars could (or once did) support microbial life. 

The rover hasn’t stumbled upon any native Martians, but it surely has discovered loads of proof of past water and traces of components like hydrogen, oxygen, phosphorus, and carbon all considered “constructing blocks” of life. Hopefully, the crust of sediment lining Mount Sharp will reveal extra clues about how and when ancient water once flowed through the crater.

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