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Saudi King’s Bodyguard Got Killed After an Argument with A Friend

Abdul-Aziz Al-Faghm, the bodyguard of Saudi Arabia’s king, killed by a friend in the coastal city of Jeddah following an argument, and a friend shot him dead; police mentioned it based on state media reports.

Major General Abdul-Aziz Al-Faghm was Royal Guard as well as a well-recognized figure in the kingdom and often seen in photographs beside King Salman at home also on official trips abroad.

Al-Faghm was visiting a friend on Saturday when he got into a dispute with another friend Mamdouh bin Meshaal bin Ali.

State media didn’t give details as to the nature of the argument; however, it reported that Bin Ali returned with a gun and shot General Abdul-Aziz Al-Faghm,” based on police reports.

Abdul-Aziz Al-Faghm was killed, and two other people have been injured.

When the police arrived at the scene, Bin Ali “began shooting and refused to surrender,” police stated. He was killed in the shootout.

Al-Faghm’s funeral was held in Mecca while an investigation toward the incident continues.

According to Arab News, Al-Faghm had served the Saudi royal family for 15 years, as a part of an entourage for the late King Abdullah and then as the personal bodyguard to King Salman.

His death has shocked the kingdom and prompted an outpouring of tributes on social media. The Saudi paper Okaz referred to Al-Faghm in a headline because of the “Keeper of Kings.”

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