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Protesters Have Wreaked Havoc in China

While peaceful rallies in Hong Kong have continued to draw thousands, small groups of violent protesters have managed to wreak havoc. Several popped up Sunday in multiple areas throughout the city, overwhelming the fanned-out police deployment.

Police stated they arrested 201 people, ages 14 to 62, on Saturday and Sunday. They reported 12 officers had been injured, together with one who was slashed within the neck with a sharp object, severing a nerve.

President Trump, who’s in the middle of a trade dispute with China, has mentioned it will be difficult to negotiate with Xi if something “bad” occurs as a result of Chinese authorities’ dealing with the Hong Kong protests. Throughout a meeting on Friday with Chinese Vice Premier Liu He during the latest round of trade talks, Trump stated the protests have “toned down a lot” and that the situation is “going to take care of itself.”

Along with the unrest in Hong Kong, China has been dealing with condemnation for what it calls “re-education and training centers” within the Xinjiang region. Activists, however, say the centers are detention camps holding more than one million ethnic Uighurs and other Muslims, according to News channel.

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