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Naama Issachar Has Been Behind Bars in Russia After Authorities Allegedly Found Nine Grams of Cannabis in Her Luggage

A 26-year-old lady has been jailed due to allegedly found nine grams of cannabis in her luggage in Russia; She might be sentenced to seven and a half years in jail; she also has dual American and Israeli citizenship, her sister stated.

On Sunday, Naama Issachar’s sister, Liad Gold, informed the News channel that on Friday, her sister was sentenced, and the family has reached out to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for her. She stated the prime minister called their mother the day of the sentencing and informed her mother that he would do everything he can to have her released as soon as possible.

 “I feel extremely terrible and unhappy and heartbroken for her,” Gold instructed the News channel. “She is very strong; however, she won’t survive there much longer.”

Issachar was born and raised in Fair Lawn, N.J., and when she was 16, she moved to Israel, was returning home April 9 after a three-month trip to India, Gold stated. Issachar has served in the Israeli army, was stopped by police on the Moscow airport as she boarded her flight to Tel Aviv, brought into an interrogation room and was informed cannabis had been found in her checked bag.

Issachar stated she accidentally left the cannabis in her bag, her sister stated. The 26-year-old was initially charged with cannabis possession; however, the charge was upgraded in May to smuggling drugs into Russia.

Gold informed the News channel her mother, Yaffa Issachar, who lives in Israel, has been in Russia for the past six months and plans to be there till her sister gets released.

She stated her mother spoke along with her sister, who was “shocked and scared” when she realized her destiny, “however she is aware of we are doing everything we can to get her out.”

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