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Mercedes Formula One Team Helps Build Breathing Equipment in Pandemic

Formula One team Mercedes is helping to develop a breathing aid that might keep coronavirus sufferers out of intensive care and relieve some pressure on Britain’s strained health service.

Mercedes Formula One Team Helps Build Breathing Equipment in Pandemic

Mercedes worked with engineers at the University College London and clinicians at University College London Hospital to improve a device that fills the gap between an oxygen mask and the need for full ventilation.

The machine, often known as continuous positive airway pressure, has been used extensively in hospitals in Italy and China to deliver oxygen to the lungs of coronavirus sufferers throughout the pandemic.

UCL stated the adapted units have been advised for use in Britain and that 100 of them are being transferred to its hospital for medical trials. There’s the potential for quick launch by Mercedes to hospitals across the nation.

Tim Baker, a professor from UCL’s division of mechanical engineering, stated clinicians called on the “capability of Formula One” to scale down a process “that could take years down to a matter of days,” with the tailored device taking less than 100 hours to develop from an initial meeting.

CPAP machines work by pushing a mix of oxygen and air into the mouth and nose at a steady rate, helping to extend the amount of oxygen entering the lungs. They’re utilized routinely by Britain’s National Health Service; however, they are in short supply at present.

There have been virtually 20,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Britain, with over 1,200 deaths.

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