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Healthcare Co-op Savvy Attractes Venture Funding from

Savvy, a healthcare cooperative, has recently raised an undisclosed amount of funding from

Healthcare Co-op Savvy Attractes Venture Funding from

Established as a cooperative that shares profits with its customers, Savvy connects patients with healthcare corporations and other suppliers looking to better serve people through services and products. Patients can take paid gigs that embody tasks like interviews, focus groups, and user testing.

Savvy is set up as a multi-stakeholder cooperative. Those stakeholders are divided into four sections: sufferers, Savvy employees, founders, and investors. Up until now, Savvy has been fully bootstrapped and sustained by its revenue, said Savvy chief executive Jen Horonjeff.

Cooperatives can oftentimes face trouble raising venture funding. That’s as a result of their enterprise models don’t usually align with the incentives of traditional enterprise capitalists, Horonjeff said.

For which already takes a non-traditional approach to venture capital, co-ops match into the firm’s vision., which goals to be the last investment its founders need to take, is geared toward startups with founders who value preserving nationality and possession.

As founder Bryce Roberts mentioned in an announcement, “Savvy represents all the things we’d like to see in the future of impact business — shared ownership, various perspectives, and aligned incentives, tackling one of the biggest industries on Earth.”

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