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GM Backtrack Aggressive Promotion of Three-Cylinder Engine Cars in China

General Motors is backtracking on a vigorous promotion of three-cylinder engines in China that saw Buick and Chevrolet’s models sold only in that option – a shift that proved unpopular and helped sales slip, people acquainted with the matter said.GM Backtrack Aggressive Promotion of Three-Cylinder Engine Cars in China

Three-cylinder gasoline engines are cleaner and more gas efficient than their standard four-cylinder equivalents, and auto manufacturers are eager to promote them, particularly in China, which has some of the world’s most severe gas economy and emission guidelines.

GM went ahead than competitors, discontinuing four-cylinder models for a lot of models on this planet’s largest auto marketplace. By comparison, Honda Motor and BMW also sell three-cylinder automobiles in China, but the models are an option along with four-cylinder models.

Many Chinese customers, however, perceive automobiles with three-cylinder engines as noisier and prone to vibrating, and sales started to dive in Q3 2018. In 2019,  GM’s China sales dipped 15% to 3.09 million autos, its second straight year of steep slumps, and the lowest level since 2012.

The sales manager, who was not authorized to talk to media and declined to be recognized, stated his firm was amongst hundreds of dealers, which lobbied GM to alter the plan at dealer conferences.

By resurrecting four-cylinder versions for crucial models, the hope is that GM, which reports fourth-quarter profits later on Wednesday, can regain some of the ground it has lost at a time when the novel coronavirus is frightening to sink sales in Q1.

The pandemic is just adding to ache brought on by to a slowing economy, Sino-U.S. trade tensions, new emission guidelines in addition to fierce competition from Toyota and Volkswagen.

SAIC-GM, the Detroit car manufacturer’s major venture with SAIC Motor, is looking for approval for four-cylinder models of two mass-market sedans, Buick’s Excelle GT and Chevrolet’s Cruze, authorities documents exhibit.

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