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Global Corornavirus Cases Top Three Million in Four Months

Global confirmed coronavirus infections surpassed 3 million Monday, as the U.S. neared 1 million cases, based on a tally.

Global Corornavirus Cases Top Three Million in Four Months

It comes as many nations are taking initiatives to relax lockdown measures that have brought the world to a standstill over the past eight weeks.

The first 41 cases have been confirmed in Wuhan, China, on January 10. The 3 million confirmed infections in less than four months are comparable in number with the roughly 3-5 million cases of extreme sickness caused by seasonal influenza around the world every year, based on the World Health Organisation.

An average of 82,000 cases has been registered per day in the past week. Over a quarter of all infections are in the U.S., and more than 43% have been recorded in Europe.

The death tally from the virus stood at over 205,000 as of Monday, and nearly one in seven reported cases of the illness has been deadly.

The true mortality rate is likely to decrease as the tally of infections substantially does not embody many mild or asymptomatic and unconfirmed cases.

Some severely affected nations in Europe, along with Italy, France, and Spain, have recorded a drop in daily case numbers over recent weeks; however, it still posted 2,000-5,000 new infections per day in the past week.

Total infections surged 2.5% Sunday, the bottom daily rate in virtually two months, and down from a peak in late March when the total was rising by 10% a day.

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