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Gen. Keane Warned That the Turkish Invasion into Syria Would Force Kurds to Flee

Jack Keane Retired U.S. Army Gen. warned a military incursion into Syria by Turkey might cause the American-ally Kurds to flee, leaving thousands of ISIS prisoners unguarded.
Keane informed Martha MacCallum Tuesday on “The Story” the scenario has been “evolving” since President Trump announced a pull-out of troops from Syria, which critics mentioned could result in regional instability.
“It’s evolving, and it is unfortunate that we were not unequivocal with Turkish President Recep Erdogan and his regime about a military incursion into Syria and particularly targeted towards the Kurds who are our partners in defeating ISIS.”
“Erdogan is being informed in no uncertain terms that the U.S. will unleash severe sanctions on him as a result of a military incursion that harms, and I do not know any military incursion that would not harm.”
A regional ethnic group long friendly to the U.S. and aiding in its military moves against terrorist groups like ISIS, the Kurdish people live in an area that includes parts of Syria, Iran, Iraq, and Turkey.
Keane stated Congress, as well as NATO, are watching Turkey closely in the event they move into that a part of northern Syria, remarking there will be “universal condemnation.”
He predicted the U.S., British, and French forces in the area would move out so as not to be caught in a conflict, leaving the Kurds who he mentioned are holding thousands of ISIS member’s captives to flee and defend their families.
Keane knew as that situation a “recipe for disaster.”
Earlier Monday, Trump actively defended his decision to withdraw the U.S. troops from the northern Syria region ahead of a planned invasion of the area by Turkey, even as his Republican allies in each the Senate and House vehemently criticized the move.
In his first public comments since information broke early Monday of the troop withdrawal, Trump stated he understood the concerns built by his fellow Republicans; however, it was time to fulfill his campaign promise to bring the troops home.
Trump stated throughout a news conference Monday that he wants to bring their troops back home, and he got elected on that. Trump understand each side; however, he promised to bring our troops home.

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