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G20 Keeps Coronavirus as Urgent Topic as China Posts Uptick in Cases

China registered an uptick in new cases of coronavirus Friday, increased by over 200 people screening optimistic for the disease in two prisons outside of Hubei.G20 Keeps Coronavirus as Urgent Topic as China Posts Uptick in Cases

As international authorities tried to curb the epidemic in China from becoming a global epidemic, finance leaders from the G20 leader economies meeting in Saudi Arabia over the weekend were set to discuss the global economy.

China has had over 75,400 cases of the coronavirus, and 2,236 individuals have died of the disease it causes – often known as COVID-19 – most in Hubei and its capital of Wuhan where the coronavirus stemmed in a wildlife market in December.

Asian shares dived Friday as fears over the creeping spread of the illness sent funds retreating to the sheltered shores of U.S. assets, pushing the dollar to three-year peaks.

Singapore and Japan are on the brink of recession, and South Korea Friday stated its exports to China plunged within the first 20 days of February, with the epidemic upending global supply networks.

Mainland China reported 889 new confirmed cases of coronavirus as of February 20, the National Health Commission (NHC) stated, up from 394 cases a day earlier. The death count climbed by 118, with most in Wuhan.

Infections registered in two jails, in the northern region of Shandong and the eastern Zhejiang, made up most of the 258 newly reported cases outside Hubei.

After a number of days of more encouraging trends in infections, China’s Communist Party publication notified that it would be a mistake to think the win was in sight.

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