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Farage Says Parliament Have Broken Promises They Made to The People

Nigel Farage, former U.K. Independence Party leader, who launched the Brexit campaign within the U.K., mentioned Sunday that the anger amongst British voters relating to the latest developments with the Brexit deal is “unlike something I’ve ever seen before.”

Sunday morning on the news channel, he mentioned that he believes the country still needs to leave the European Union; however, members of Parliament “have broken all promises they made to the people.”

“They promised that Brexit could be delivered and truly there’s just about a majority in that place who do not want us to leave the European Union, don’t want us to become an independent country and they have now for over three years annoyed each attempt to get Brexit delivered,” Farage mentioned.

In a vital blast to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, On Saturday, United Kingdom lawmakers voted for delaying a decision on whether to back his Brexit deal among the European Union, throwing a wrench into government views to leave the bloc on the end of the month.

At a special session of Parliament intended to ratify the deal, lawmakers voted 322-306 to withhold their approval till laws to implement it has been handed.

The vote goals are to make sure that the U.K. cannot crash out of the E.U. without a divorce deal on the scheduled October 31 departure date.

As required by law, Johnson sent an unsigned letter to the E.U. late Saturday searching for a delay to Britain’s upcoming October 31 departure from the bloc, however then sent a signed letter saying he doesn’t favor another Brexit extension.

Johnson is anticipated to return to Parliament on Monday to maintain mustering up assist for his Brexit proposal, which was approved by E.U. leaders on Thursday.

On Saturday, hundreds of thousands of anti-Brexit demonstrators marched to Parliament Square in London, insisting on a new referendum on whether Britain should stay or leave the E.U.

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