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Facebook Slightly Alters Advert Policies Ahead of 2020 Presidential Elections

Facebook introduced limited modifications on Thursday to its approach to political advertisements, along with permitting customers to block specific advert-targeting tools; however, it defied critics’ demands that it bars politicians from utilizing its ads system to spread falsifications.

Ahead of the presidential election in November, the world’s biggest social networking platform has committed to curb political manipulation of its platform.

Facebook did not counter Russian interference in the 2016 election and allowed the misuse of user data by dead political consulting agency Cambridge Analytica.

Now, it faces intense criticism of its comparatively hands-off advertisements policies, particularly after exempting politicians’ advertisements from fact-checking standards utilized to other content.

Facebook mentioned it, and its photo-sharing app Instagram will soon have a tool allowing individual users to choose to see fewer political and social issue advertisements. It will make more advert audience data publicly available.

In contrast, Twitter banned political adverts in October, while Google mentioned it would cease letting advertisers target election adverts utilizing data akin to public voter records and general political associations. Online serviced Spotify, Pinterest, and TikTok have further issued bans.

A spokesperson for the re-election campaign of President Trump, which has spent more on Facebook adverts than the rest of the candidates, stated the corporate’s approach to political messages is better than those from Twitter and Google as it “encourages more Americans to be engaged in the course of.”

U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren, a leading Democratic presidential candidate, condemned the corporate on Twitter for “standing their ground on letting political characters lie to you.” She has referred to as for Facebook’s breakup on antitrust fronts.

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