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Colombian Govt Extends COVID-19 Lockdown until April 27

Colombia will extend a nationwide quarantine placed to contain the transmission of the coronavirus until April 27, President Ivan Duque stated Monday.

Colombian Govt Extends COVID-19 Lockdown until April 27

The lockdown was originally set to last 19 days, ending just before midnight on April 13. The Andean country declared its nationwide quarantine measures in March, before its infections passed 200.

 “This isolation – which seeks the best of all of us – is exactly so we can keep saving lives, breaking the chain of this pandemic,” Duque o

Over 1,500 individuals have tested positive for COVID-19 with the coronavirus in Colombia and 46 have died. Infection numbers are decrease than initially anticipated, Health Minister Fernando Ruiz stated through the broadcast.

The nation anticipated to have over 5,700 cases by Saturday, Ruiz stated but had topped 1,400 by that day.

Colombia closed its frontiers, shut down schools and halted international passenger flights in March as travelers who had visited Europe and the U.S. introduced the disease home with them.

Under the guidelines of the quarantine, one person per household is allowed out to buy essential items or carry out financial transactions, masks are required in stores, banks and public transport, and restaurants are only allowed to provide deliveries.

Until the end of May, schools are shut down and the elderly are required to stay in their homes.

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