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Anti-ISIS Alliance Base Destroyed by U.S. Air Attack

On Wednesday, two (OIR) F-15 Operation Inherent Resolve jets destroyed a base that was used to be the headquarters of the anti-ISIS Coalition in northern Syria after it had been vacated, based on a military official.

OIR Spokesman Col. Myles Caggins III mentioned the fighter jets efficiently carried out a pre-planned precision airstrike on the Lafarge Cement Factory to destroy an ammunition cache also reduce the facility’s military advantage.

All coalition forces and equipment had been withdrawn from the base, which was situated between Kobanî and Ain Issa, Caggins stated.

The move comes as almost all U.S. troops withdraw from Syria amid a Turkish military offensive into the area that started last week.

Most U.S. troops in the Syria region have been expelled and will be redeployed in the area in the coming weeks.

Earlier Wednesday, Caggins confirmed that the Coalition’s deliberate withdrawal continues, and the Lafarge Cement Factory in northern Syria, in addition to the cities of Raqqa and Tabqah, had been vacated.

On Tuesday, Caggins informed News channel that the cement factory was set on fire before it was vacated by the (SDF) Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces.

He mentioned The location had been the headquarters of the de facto Defeat-ISIS coalition in Syria. “No U.S. forces or equipment have been ever in jeopardy and stay in separate, secure facilities.

Caggins mentioned that their priority is protecting the remaining Coalition forces on the LCF as multiple forces converge in northeast Syria. Coalition forces are executing a deliberate withdrawal from northeast Syria.

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