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Amazon Faces Criticism Over Imaginary Depiction of Holocaust in Prime’s Hunters

The Auschwitz Memorial reprimanded Amazon Sunday for the imaginary portrayal of the Holocaust in its Prime series “Hunters” and for marketing books of Nazi propaganda.Amazon Faces Criticism Over Imaginary Depiction of Holocaust in Prime's Hunters

Seventy-five years after the separation of the Nazi German Auschwitz death camp by Soviet soldiers, world chiefs and activists have called for action against growing anti-Semitism.

Nevertheless, the series has faced allegations of bad taste, notably for depicting fictional horrors in Nazi death camps, similar to a game of human chess in which people are killed when a piece is taken.

The Auschwitz Memorial is in charge of preserving the Nazi German death camp in southern Poland, where over 1.1 million people, most of them Jews, died in gas chambers or from starvation, cold, and illness.

On Friday, the Memorial retweeted a letter from the Holocaust Educational Trust to Amazon asking that anti-Semitic children’s books by Nazi Julius Streicher, who was beheaded for crimes against humanity, be taken down from sale.

In December, Amazon withdrew from sale products decorated with photographs of Auschwitz, along with Christmas decorations, after the Memorial lamented.

Separately, prosecutors opened an investigation into a primary school in the Polish town of Labunie, which showed a reenactment of Auschwitz with children dressed as inmates being gassed.

The school is accused of selling fascism in the performance in December. It couldn’t immediately be reached for comment.

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