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A Taxi Plowed On Hong Kong Protesters

A taxi plowed right into a crowd of demonstrators in Hong Kong, as the months of violence in the Chinese city continued Sunday, based on current reports.

Chilling video shows the red taxi turning right into a crowd of umbrella-wielding demonstrators, mowing several down before crashing right into a building.

Other photographs show protesters beating a person unconscious in confusion. It was not clear that if he was the driver, the news Channel reported.

Several demonstrators intervened to protect the person as he was being pummeled. He was among three listed in serious condition at a local hospital following the incident, the network stated.

Clashes between demonstrators and police have intensified in recent weeks, with Chinese officials utilizing emergency powers to enact a face-mask ban; however, protesters defied the order over the weekend.

On Friday, a demonstrator slugged another civilian, a banker at JP Morgan Chase, who was attacked after telling them, “we’re all Chinese,” the news reported.

The violence erupted after Chinese officials sought a new law that allowed Hong Kong residents to be deported to mainland China. The city was promised extra freedoms than the rest of the country when the former British colony was turned over in 1997 to China.

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