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A Chemical Compound Present in The Vaping Can Be the Cause of Illness

Lung damage in those utilizing e-cigarettes could be caused by chemical compounds in the vape liquid, based on a letter published Wednesday in the Newspaper.

Researchers are finding that what might have made sick around 800 people due to vaping in recent months. 17 people nationwide have died from lung damage. The trigger is unclear, although several federal and state agencies are investigating.

Researchers from the Mayo Clinic discovered that lung damage was much like a chemical burn. “It seems to be some form of direct chemical injury, much like what might notice with exposures to toxic chemicals fumes, poisonous gases, and poisonous agents,” Dr. Brandon Larsen, a surgical pathologist at the Mayo Clinic in Arizona, stated in a hospital press release.

The researchers studied samples of lung tissue from 17 people, all of whom had vaped, and 70% had used marijuana or cannabis oils. Two of the samples were taken from patients who died, based on the Mayo Clinic.

The accumulation of fatty substances such as oils have been suspected in the lung damage; however, researchers stated there was no proof they were the cause.

The question that remains for researchers is what these chemical compounds are, which may be causing the injuries. More investigation into that is needed, Larsen stated.

The most recent vaping death was that of an Alabama man, authorities announced Wednesday.

And just one-day prior, a vaping-related death was reported in each Virginia and New Jersey.

Fourteen other deaths have been identified nationwide as a part of the multistate outbreak of lung injury related to vaping: two in California, two in Kansas, two in Oregon, and one each in Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, Missouri, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, and Nebraska.

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