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3 Horses Died Due to EEE Virus, Luckily No Human Cases

Stephanie Green brought 36 horses at her Shoo Fly Stables in Fairfield County.

She says her horses are like her children, which is why she takes no probabilities with their health.

“Horses are very vulnerable to lots of different diseases, so they vaccinate every year. There is a seven-way shot that they have given every year.”

And this year, that precaution might be even more essential.

Three horses infected which have died from EEE. Mentioned Dr. Tony Forshey, state veterinarian with the Ohio Department of Agriculture. EEE is Eastern Equine Encephalitis. It is a virus that circulates in the bloodstream and then will get into the brain and causes huge swelling. It is just about always deadly in those horses.

Mosquitoes spread it to horses and people.

20 human cases have been reported in five states, including three deaths in Michigan. Forshey says there are three equine cases in Ohio, however no human cases.

The agency has alerted public health officials to be aware of that and inform their clients to guard themselves towards mosquito bites, he stated.

Chances of contracting EEE are considerably lower than West Nile Virus, stated Sarah Fink with Franklin County Public Health.

She says EEE is more harmful than West Nile, however far rarer, especially in central Ohio.

Sarah Finkdo does not have quite the habitat where EEE tends to start amplifying within the bird population. People see that extra in freshwater swamps, which you find in Michigan, Massachusetts, North Carolina, these areas where we’re having the Triple-E outbreaks.

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